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Elli B.

When I'm feeling bad, I listen to or play music or go out in nature or do sports. Then I feel better.

Elli Berlin, singer? Metal Queen? Definitely an exceptional talent. With growls deeper than the depths of hell and clean singing with even angels dancing, Elli Berlin inspires her fans all over the world.

When she founded the band Null Positiv in 2015, she already had a lot of stage


experience behind her. She started at the age of 16 and had her first own rock band. The sharks quickly noticed her. Hundreds of gigs followed, well paid but always without doing justice to her full talent.

That changed suddenly with Null Positiv. A band that made exactly the music with Elli that she loved. This was followed by club tours across Europe, festivals such as Wacken and Rock Am Stück.

In the corona break in 2021, Elli then fulfilled another dream. The first Elli Berlin CD was created. There will be a sequel in 2022. With shows and associated tour. Elli Berlin also models and paints. But that actually only rounds off the image of a great artist.

About Me

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