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Dalila K.

I am Dalila Kriheli, a rock concert photographer + touring selling merch and as we know the touring world has come to a screeching halt since March 2020. I was on tour in the UK in March of 2020, and had to return home as many did that were touring. I’ve been touring with Anvil for 10 years, and it got quite depressing not living “my life”.  Living on the road doesn’t typically lend to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Just too many limitations and time isn’t always on your side. I was turned onto jumping rope and proper nutrition from a dear friend that I met on the road, and it changed everything in my world. Jumping rope and changing my eating habits completely changed my life. It changed how I function during the day, how I feel, how my mood is, how clear my head is and how light I feel on my feet. I don’t crave the poisonous foods I used to consume all day and every day. I feel motivated, in control, proud, confident, happy and overall love the changes I see happening to my body. I have dropped 30lbs since my journey began (Aug 2020). I see my body getting tighter and toned, I feel physically stronger (and mentally too), I don’t fatigue easily anymore and I have gained stamina + endurance. I had to change my life - there was no other choice! I am a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic, and I have neglected my body for years. It is year 15 now with this horrible disease, and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life due to this change. I was in the ER too often, always feeling weak, drained, depressed, moody, angry and addicted to terrible sugar filled foods and snacks.  Since I have decided that I am worth a better life, I have been doing a fraction of the insulin I have been doing for 15 years, I am maintaining my sugar levels, I am at a body weight that is healthy, I have decreased or completely stopped medications that I had to take because of years of neglecting my body. I am a brand new person, and living life to the fullest. T1D doesn’t define me, it just reminds me how strong I really am on a daily basis.  

About Me

Born in the mid 70’s and raised in Queens, NY -  rock n’ roll was a part of my life from as early as I can remember. The striking images of the iconic legends were always what I surrounded myself with - on my walls and in my binder for school. I started collecting all the rock music publications and was always in awe - and said at a very young age to myself - ONE DAY, my images will be within those pages, or gracing the covers. Photography has always been a passion - and I gravitated towards concert photography in particular as those were my 2 worlds coming together to make me whole. The photo pit is my 2nd home - and the extension of my soul (my canon) is always in hand ready to shoot and capture magic. My mission, My goal, and what I strive to do with every shot - is to capture a perspective and story that hasn’t been told, combined with a familiarity to ones close to the artist where they can recognize their friend / loved one at their best - and in the moment when they are truly entranced by their music and performance. In the quarter century that I have been shooting rock stars, I have had the honor to shoot legends such as Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, KISS, Twisted Sister, Anvil, Marco Mendoza, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Y&T, Journey, Night Ranger, Quiet Riot, The Dead Daisies, Ted Nugent, Ace Frehley - amongst many other rock n’ roll’s finest artists. My work has been featured in albums, and in worldwide published magazines. …YOU ROCK ME, i iMMORTALiZE YOU ! The most rewarding and humbling compliments that I have heard about my photos are from the ones that have been friends with the artist for decades, and say to me, I have never seen (insert artists name here) …  Captured this way.. That is the true essence of him/her.

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