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Elina S.

From experience I would say, that I have a couple of really good childhood friends who are always there for me and when my life has been extremely difficult, I know I can always talk to them and vice versa. Of course my family too, especially my mom whom I'm really close to. She's been an absolute rock in those hard times! But at the end of the day you still have to deal with things on your own and however painful it might be, time will heal. I've never sweeped any feelings under the carpet, because they end up haunting you forever. I've tried to take those feelings as they come, however often they come and slowly they start getting smaller and more distant. It of course helps to try and put energy into positive things like taking care of yourself (exercise, good food), treating yourself with kindness and for me of course music....writing music is something I've always done in difficult times.

About Me

Music really runs in my veins as my whole family are musicians and I’m the third generation of teachers.

My passion for singing started from a very young age and I went on to study a degree in classical music in Helsinki. During this time I performed in operas and concerts and came third in a Melartin Lied competition. 

After finishing my studies I still wanted to broaden my knowledge so I decided to move to London where I spent another year studying contemporary styles.

By this time I had also been teaching throughout the 6 years of studying and wrote a lot of music. I founded a melodic metal band Angel Nation in 2011 and since 2016 I've also been fronting a German symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes. I have played many tours and concerts in North-America and Europe


“every once in a while you discover a new singer, with a phenomenal voice, and she is definitely one of them…I must admit I have never been so excited about a new band, i have heard, in years.”

Graham Rodes


“Elina Siirala, a classically trained singer is in the centre of this album called “tears of Lust”. Her intense sound gives the vibrant debut album its icing on the cake…”

Manuel Liebler

German Metal Hammer

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