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Heri J.

I consider myself quite resilient and resourceful. I am not prone to mental instability or any addictions, and I am very risk-tolerant. By far the biggest issues we have faced through our 20 years career has been the finance. Quite simply not having the funds to go through with what we plan. If I think of what were the lowest points in our career so far, it was when we were absolutely flat broke. Once even stranded in the Netherlands. And the only way to get home was to accumulate even further debts. It still is an issue from time to time, and what always helped me is to think of the reason we do this in the first place. It was never for money, although we all need to eat and a roof over our heads. We always did it for Heavy Metal. The most meaningful thing I can do is to write music, because I find deep meaning in music that other people have made. And if ever I feel a bit down or things aren't quite as I would hope, I can always put on Intuition by TNT or Painkiller by Judas Priest and it will give me hope and courage and remind me of the meaning in all of this.

Heri Joensen is most well known for his unique vocal style and melodic guitar riffs, but those who follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube will tell you, this strong Viking has a lot to offer! Fans love Heri because he is humble, has a goofy scene of humor, and he is genuinely kind. He enjoys interacting with his fans as much as he can, and often shares thoughtful insights on complex world issues.

After forming the band in 1998, Heri was not the original singer of Týr. Most will be surprised to know that he was reluctant, at first, to take over the role of front-man because he did not see himself as a natural entertainer. Despite his doubts, audience feed back and reviews proved he was the right man for the job. One reviewer wrote this after a live set in Oakland, California in 2019: “Heri performed a vocal solo that I could truly feel in my core. The entire venue went silent while he sang, as if everyone in the audience was


feeling the same intense impact of his harmonic vocals in that moment. As soon as he was done there was an uproar of applause!”

While Heri expresses deep thoughts and fascinating ideas in his singing and songwriting, his first passion is guitar playing. Heri started playing guitar as a young teenager in the Faroe Islands, where he grew up. As a person who takes great joy in learning and understanding new concepts, he has dedicated decades to mastering his guitar playing.

Heri shares his deep understanding of guitar playing and has shared many free videos on YouTube sharing a variety of techniques. Be sure to subscribe to Heri on YouTube and leave likes and comments on his videos.

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