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Ian P.

“Resilience” I guess is the keyword and the belief that what you do is worth the effort and for me personally knowing that our music will continue to touch the hearts of many.

I guess this is what has kept me going through decades of struggling while many record labels turned me down quoting the standard phrase

“We are afraid we will have to pass this time on your music, but wish you success finding a deal”. Basically they were afraid to stick their necks out unlike most artists have done for years and continue to do these days.


Instead I decided to borrow a small amount of money from a family friend (whom I repaid with interest) and start my own label Non-Stop Productions and I released my first solo album “Symphony of Dreams” in 1993.

Now almost 30 years later I have recorded more than 35 albums and I plan to “Rock until I drop” ha! Ha!

I had this gut feeling that music was something I was meant to do and there has to be someone out there who likes what I do as much as me.


Years later while on tour in Europe playing a live show in Greece, a couple introduced themselves to me during a “meet and greet” and wanted to thank me for saving their relationship and explained that one of my songs from my 1st solo album in 1993, gave them the strength to stick together. Now they are happily married for many years and have wonderful loving children.

“Woh fook me” what an honour indeed. Their life story has been an inspiration for me, to keep going strong regardless and their tale can be heard throughout my music & lyrics.

As always my thanks go to the fans for supporting our music no matter how tough things can get in life and this makes me eternally grateful.

All the best Ian Parry – Singer songwriter and producer.

About Me

Ian Parry was born in 1960 in Liverpool. He has released over 36 albums credited in over 35 countries reaching sales in excess over 200,00 and a career covering more than 40 years. Ian’s musical career working with a very diverse and distinguished collection of musicians in a handful of bands including Consortium Project, Vengeance, Elegy plus as a solo act and lending contributions to other established artists such as Kamelot; Ayreon; Mob Rules; Royal Hunt and more recently Ian’s 5 album pentalogy epic rock metal concept Consortium Project. Back in 2006 Ian also recorded a solo album “Visions” with Escape Music, so its great news to have another collaboration in 2016.
With accumulated worldwide sales in excess of 200,000 Ian Parry has gained a well-earned reputation as one of the most established singers in the world of Rock and Metal.
Now Ian joins forces together with an even more impressive collaboration of world class musicians to form a new Classic melodic Power rock formation “Rock Emporium”.
Produced & for the first time mixed by Ian who has written some of his most memorable melodic back to the roots songs, “Society of Friends” is a retrospect view on life, love, heartache & pleasure including prestigious performances and vintage classic Melodic Power Rock at it’s best.


British singer born and raised in Liverpool, singer songwriter & founder of Rock Emporium has releases credited in over 35 countries worldwide accumulating sales in excess of 200,000.
Here is a list of the great musicians and singers that Ian has worked with from the world of rock and metal:
Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Zak Starkey (Oasis,The who & Son of Beatle drummer Ringo Starr), David Rosenthal (Rainbow), Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas), Dutch Artists Ayreon, Jan Vayne & Valensia. Kamelot (USA).

In 2015 Ian recorded vocals for Christian Muenzner & his debut Eternity’s End album. Live performances include; DORO; Stratovarius; Joe Stomp (USA guitarist) Late 2014 European live shows in Croatia. Belgrade Serbia. Bulgaria & Greece with Italian band Headless opening for US prog rock giants “Fates Warning”.
Ian’s experience has achieved him worldwide acclaim as a dynamic well respected vocalist and a creative lyricist/songwriter/arranger/producer. After 12 years and 5 concept albums from his epic Consortium Project (the 5th final part C V “Species” released in 2011), Ian now opens a new chapter in his phenomenal career going back to his roots bringing us passion, pain and power in a Vintage Classic AOR melodic Hard Rock album.

Rock Emporium comprising of 10 memorable heart felt rock tracks a must for classic rock radio DJ’s and fans worldwide. “Society of Friends” is the debut of Ian Parry’s Rock Emporium with some of the most amazing performances by Rocks 1st class musicianship from across Europe!
Each song captures remnants of the 70’s 80’s best rock artists from ACDC to Asia, Bon Jovi to Boston, with a hint of Peter Gabriel while appealing to admirers of Bad English and Journey.

Rock Emporium “ Society of Friends” has everything for the classic AOR rock fans wrapped up in a modernized Vintage first class production, courtesy of Ian Parry himself.

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