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Naoto S.

When things don't go as envisioned, people lose hope and become discouraged. This is something that happens to every single person. When I set a goal for something, I keep asking myself everyday "Am I doing my utmost best?" to keep myself from feeling any regret depending on whatever the results are. By doing this I'm able to accept whatever the outcome is. Also, by knowing that I did my best I can also evaluate what I may have been lacking to accomplish my goal. This is something that gives me the motivation to progress into the future and to keep my mind set in a positive direction.


Not everything goes the way you want it to. That's life. The important thing is not to lose your willingness to move forward, even if it may be just a tiny little bit. That's why I always try to come face-to-face with the hopes and ambitions that I hold inside myself.

About Me

Naoto Shibata, born May 10th, 1958 in Hokkaido, Japan. Bass player, songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer. Formed the Japanese heavy metal band ANTHEM in Tokyo, 1982. The band signed with KING RECORDS and released it's self-titled debut album in 1985 followed by 6 albums until the band broke up in 1992. After close to a decade of silence Naoto reunited ANTHEM in 2001. The band landed a deal with VICTOR ENTERTAINMENT to release their reunion album "Seven Hills" the same year followed by 5 more albums before signing with UNIVERSAL MUSIC in 2012 for another 3 albums. ANTHEM signed with NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS in 2019 releasing their album "Nucleus" worldwide. Naoto continues to lead ANTHEM into the future with his uncompromising attitude towards music.

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