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Nina O.

When things get bad, I try and spend some time away from the computer. Going outside, exercising, anything that will take me out of my own head.

Nina Osegueda (born Balvina Osegueda) is a female heavy metal vocalist from Washington, D.C. is of Catalan and Salvadoran descent. She is the lead vocalist of A Sound of Thunder.[1][2] In 2012, A Sound of Thunder released an album under Nightmare Records called Out of the Darkness. The album features Raven's John Gallagher on its signature song, "Out of the Darkness".] In 2013 A Sound of Thunder released Time's Arrow (with guest vocalist Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden/Wolfsbane) under Mad Neptune Records. The album was funded by a successful KickStarter campaign. In 2013, A Sound of Thunder created another KickStarter campaign for the purpose of recording a new album in 2014. The campaign, whose goal began at $10,000, made over $20k in 30 days.

In 2014, Osegueda was featured on CNN and local news WTOP for her weight loss and use of heavy metal to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

A classically trained vocalist, Osegueda also performed with the Washington National Opera, during their 2000–2002 seasons.


In 2009, Osegueda performed as a guest vocalist for Flight of the Valkyries in St. Paul, Minnesota.
In 2010, Osegueda worked as a co-coordinator for Flight of the Valkyries – East and performed with


A Sound of Thunder. In the same year, she performed with A Sound of Thunder at the 3rd and last Mandatory Metal show at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA.

In 2013, Osegueda appeared on Benedictum's album OBEY as a guest vocalist for the track "Thornz".

Osegueda is also the former lead vocalist and founding member of Dark Harvest Records signed Blood Corps.

In 2017, A Sound of Thunder became internationally famous for its heavy metal version of the national anthem of Catalonia, "Els segadors".


  • 2018 – It Was Metal – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2016 – Who Do You Think We Are? – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2015 – Tales From The Deadside – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2014 – The Lesser Key of Solomon – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2013 – Time's Arrow – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2013 – Queen of Hell – A Sound of Thunder (EP)

  • 2012 – Out of the Darkness – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2011 – Metal Renaissance – A Sound of Thunder (Album)

  • 2010 – Justice at Last – A Sound of Thunder (Single)[14]

  • 2010 – A Sound of Thunder – A Sound of Thunder (EP)

  • 2008 – Hollow Point – Blood Corps (EP)


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