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Pat B.

My best coping strategy is diving into a song. Throughout the pandemic I made a solo record. I learned how to play the ukulele which is a new instrument for me and in a time when I'm usually in the tropics I was obviously stuck in the cold and gray Northeast,  so I brought the tropics to my studio! I have not released it yet but look for a fun record of tropical songs, mostly cover tunes but there are a couple of originals on there! The title for the album is "Jump the Shark"!

About Me

Patrick John Badger, (born July 22, 1967, in BostonMassachusetts) is a musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the bass guitarist in the band Extreme. He has also performed in groups like Daemon, In The Pink, Super Trans Atlantic, Tribe of Judah, and The Dark Desert Eagels. Badger was born in Massachusetts to Al Badger and Lily Badger (née Aguilar). He is of Irish and Honduran descent.

He sang backing vocals on both Dweezil Zappa's album Confessions and the Danger Danger albumScrew It!, along with his Extreme bandmates Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt. He has also sung back-up on a live version of the Van Halen song, "When It's Love" on Sammy Hagar's live albumLive: Hallelujah, on which Cherone sang co-lead vocals with Hagar.In 2013, Pat initiated a PledgeMusic campaign. This helped him release his first solo record, "Time Will Tell". By offering exclusive content to listeners who pledged and providing updates related to the project to his following, the


PledgeMusic campaign reached its goal and the record entitled "Time Will Tell" was released in late 2014. In 2016 he followed up with a second PledgeMusic campaign for his second solo album Take What We Want (under the name Nasty Ass Honey Badgers).

In 2017, he formed a band called Dark Desert Eagles, a tribute to the Eagles. The band features Extreme drummer Kevin Figueiredo.

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