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Sarah T.

My biggest method has been spending as much time as I can in nature. I do a lot of nature photography, so just getting out away from people and civilization helps me a lot.

About Me

MindMaze is an American progressive power metal band from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2012 by siblings Sarah Teets and Jeff Teets, the band also includes bassist Rich Pasqualone and drummer Mark "Truk" Bennett.

MindMaze has performed in 18 different U.S. States and toured with Saxon, Armored Saint and Iris Divine. Their first album, Mask of Lies, sold in 34 out of 50 states in the United States and in 17 countries through independent funding. Their second album, Back From The Edge, was released via Inner Wound Recordings and features Symphony X bassist Michael Lepond and guest appearances by members of Stratovarius, Pharaoh, Lord, and Draekon. Their third album, Resolve, was released in 2017.

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