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Simone M.

“Wow, not an easy topic at all! I’ve been avoiding this theme for a lot of years, thinking that depression and other similar situations were belonging to other people, somehow I always felt invincible. Then, some years ago, life started to take a different twist and I experimented (and still do from time to time) probably the worst feelings and thoughts of my whole life. It was hard to convince myself that I needed help, but I finally decided to get help from a therapist, and with a long journey I started to become much more aware of all the things in my life and of all the emotions that we have to deal with on a daily basis. I still never feel like I’m out of it but I’m surely much more prepared in terms of how I deal when certain feelings pervade my brain. So my deepest advice for everyone who’s dealing with this is to seek for help, don’t rely only on yourself!”


About Me

Simone Mularoni is one of the great virtuoso guitar players in the world today. For over 10 years he has been the lead guitar player/producer/songwriter for the Italian prog metal band DGM, releasing four stellar records with the band. DGM is revered in the prog metal world and have done several somewhat extensive tours around Europe for at least the past decade; and have even opened up for the prog metal titans Symphony X on their 2011 European Iconoclast tour. DGM has just released a brand new record titled The Passage, which Simone and his fellow bandmates have called their most ambitious record to date. There is no doubt in this fans mind that The Passage is the strongest and most emotionally driven and conveying records of this bands 20-year career. Of course this band has gone through several line-up changes and features no original members, however this especially great line-up has remained unchanged for the past 8 years; and with their 3rd release together they have shown that 3’s a charm, as they have taken the band to greater heights than ever before. Metal Exiles had the privilege of interviewing guitarist Simone Mularoni to discuss the formation of one of the highlight metal records of the year, and to take a somewhat behind the scenes look at the guitarist himself.   

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