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Tilen H.

I definitely went through a lot more in life than people usually think.  People always see the big crowds, festivals, arenas and stage lights and think our life (the life of global musicians) is perfect. Far from it. My great grandparents survived WWI. My grandparents survived WWII. My parents, my brother and myself survived the Balcan war of independence in 1991. That in itself could cause many traumas, but I never allowed that to be the reason or a factor which would hold me back.  Tough times create tough men.  You have to stay strong, but when the feeling of hoplessness is just too much try to look for the answers in Mother Nature, first and foremost. Our creator, Father Sun.  The most primal elements. They always have the answers. I meditate often and try to concentrate on the important stuff in life. Try to keep a distance to the stressful elements of society and try not to watch too much T.V. That in itself will help. On top of that, be an animal lover, animals are the best therapeuts ever. Try to read as much as possible, books are the most lethal weapon you can possess. They will win the war inside your head for you and through them you'll discover interesting worlds that you didn't even know existed. In general, just try to have a good perspective on what's important in life (for you personally) and dedicate your time to that. Try to stay away from too many chemical substances and try to live a natural life as much as possible. You can do it!!!

About Me

Tilen Hudrap is a bassist, producer, mentor/teacher, author, linguist and historian. Most well-known as being the bassist for some of the biggest metal legends in the scene through the last 10+ years (f.e German heavy metal icon Udo Dirkschneider (Accept),  Dutch death metal innovators Pestilence, power thrash legends from the USA Vicious Rumors, as well as playing for thrash giants Testament as a substitue for the iconic Steve DiGiorgio.), Hudrap is considered a living legend in the area of ex-Yugoslavia, as he's the one and only professional (globally renowned) metal musician in the 23 000 000 population area.

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