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Tre W.

I suffer pretty heavily from anxiety and the most useful things that I’ve found for pulling myself out of my thoughts and more into the moment that I am in has been guided meditation and box breathing. (Inhale, hold, exhale, hold for an equal amount of time each time) Taking the time to notice when I am feeling my most anxious and slowing myself down have been the tools in my belt, doubly so through the pandemic, with so much uncertainty going around.


About Me

Tre Watson is a Musician, Composer, Mixing engineer, and Multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland. They have a depth of musical experience and skill garnered from education as a mixing engineer and training as a Jazz musician. Tre Specializes in modern Musical Styles such as Hip-hop, Future Funk, Rock, Metal and modern Pop, But has composed in a wide breadth of Genres. They Have lent their talents to both large and small projects, most notably id Software’s Doom Eternal, and Riot Games’s League of Legends. Tre also has an online presence as a YouTuber, combining their knowledge of Eastern Culture and Bilingualism in Japanese with their musical, and Production skills to make Cover Music Videos of music from Anime, Video Games and other Japanese and Western Pop Culture phenomena.

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