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Meditation Group
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Tricie S.

•I stay in motion physically, mentally,  and creatively. Working out, furthering my education, sewing, working on music, or even something as simple as making a to-do list and pushing through it… I know from my own experiences that stagnation is my worst enemy,. I also now recognize that when any self-loathing or self-sabotaging thoughts enter my brain, if I continue to move forward, they will pass.
•If things seem impossible to handle, I find a meeting.
Using drugs or alcohol to cope are no longer options for me…

About Me

•Recovering Addict (12 years free)
•DV/SA Survivor Case Manager & Victim Advocate
•NASM Certified  Personal Trainer 
•Punk Rock Singer
•Retired Alternative/Tattoo Model
•Dog Mom
•Stepmom and Wife to Awesome Humans
•CRIJ, BA Student at SHSU

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